Let's meet some new friends!


She just moved to Hearth with her parents, and boy does she hate it. Scenic vistas and untouched wilderness hold little charm for her. At least she's found a new hobby: shirking school to collect weird rocks she finds near the ruins around town. Unconcerned and easy-going, Maya's the bane of all the adults in her life!


Things are pretty boring in the void between life and death since no one can see his ghostly form. Well... until Maya came along. He's different from the other ghosts. For one, people in town remember him being alive. He's also talkative and sweet, and definitely not mean like the other ghosts.


She's a confident and resourceful witch from a whole family of witches. It turns out Hearth holds some powerful, ancient magic that makes witchcraft a breeze, and Luli's a prodigy! Luli was friends with Virgil before... you know. Maybe that's why she's been having trouble with her spells lately.


Shy and cautious, Flora lives alone in a swamp. That's about as happy a life as it sounds. What's more, the ghosts who live there won't stop pestering them. Ghosts even appear in their dreams! Don't let their unassuming demeanor fool you-- there's steely determination lying underneath.