A picturesque landscape hides old secrets...

...and long-forgotten sins.

Hearth’s Pantheon is a narrative-driven, old school JRPG about an island haunted by fractured ghosts and corrupted deities ☆

You'll play as Maya and her group of misfit friends, Virgil the Ghost; Luli the Witch; and Flora the Summoner, as they explore and discover the secrets of Hearth Island by talking to ghosts and recording their memories.

Uncorrupt the Guardians of Hearth to bring peace to both ghosts and humans and gods!

This is a sizeable, 100% solo developed game (by me, mirrormoss), so development is taking some time. In the meantime, you can play the demo! It's the first "chapter" or so, and it's free on . There will surely be bugs, so let me know about 'em!

As always, the site is under construction :D